Product Description

Bourgogne is the French name anglicised as Burgundy, and Appellation Bourgogne Controllee is the generic appellation for all Burgundian wine. Our wine comes from the Cote d’Or and is a bone dry Chardonnay. To the majority of wine drinkers the Chardonnay revolution has just begun, and to many people good, dry, white wine equals Chardonnay.
Chardonnay is in very short supply round the world – less than half a percent of the total vineyard acreage is growing the variety – yet it is without question the worlds most popular white grape. It can ripen in almost any conditions, with a supple gradation of flavours going from the sharp apple-core greens of Chardonnay grown in Champagne or the Loire, through the exciting, bone-dry yet succulent flavours of White Burgundy, to a round, perfumed flavour in Languedoc-Roussillon. Crisp and lively, with complex apple and lemon flavours and notes of earth and minerals.