Product Description

This wine comes from southern France, namely from the Département Aude. It is located in Roussillon which is, together with Languedoc, the largest connected wine-growing area of France and the world. The name comes from the Aude creek, which flows into the Mediterranean Sea. The capital is Carcassonne.
Various grape varieties from the south of France are the basis of this wine. In their combination, the strengths of the individual grape varieties supplement each other; smooth and very pleasing wines are the result.
A dark red colour sparkles in the glass. Delicately fruity aromas of dark wild berries and cassis tease the nose and are followed by subtle spicy components. The young tannins are noticeable but delicately integrated. They are corresponding perfectly with the elegant, subtle sweetness. The taste is round and well-balanced, smooth and warm. A fruity and sympathetic French wine.
Ideal for a cosy evening à deux or with friends. Lovers of mild wines will enjoy this wine with pasta and pizza. It’s also a great success with Mediterranean starters.