Product Description

Cuvée is a French wine term derived from cuve, meaning vat or tank and on wine labels it denotes wine of a specific blend or batch. The winemaker creates a special Cuvee blend to showcase different characteristics of their chateau or the terroir that is not usually found in their commercial wine or the wine they make for general consumption. The cuvée-labeled wines will usually be special blends or selected vats of much higher quality.
The Hajos commune is located in southern Hungary on an elevation of the former riverbed of the Danube. 1200 wine cellars testify to a distinctive wine culture which is maintained by the local winegrowers till this day. The tradition was followed with the construction of the family-owned wine cellar “Pieroth Hungaria” in 1998. Since 1999, first-class wines have matured there in high quality steel tanks and barriques.
Bor Forras Cuvée Prestige is a limited edition wine, that our top wine makers were commissioned to create. The wine celebrates the 60th Anniversary and Diamond Jubilee of the Home Wine Tasting 2013. All the wines used for this Cuvée have all been selected by our cellarmaster and only selected and excellent wines were chosen, produced from the best grapes, and that is why we called it Prestige.
The Bor Forrás Cuvée Prestige is a blend of Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Sauvignon which is aged in oaked barrels.
This elegant wine presents ruby red in colour, glistening in the glass. The Bordeaux blend offers complex flavours and aromas of sweet dark berry, wild forest fruits, cherry, blackcurrant, marzipan and honey. Medium bodied, soft acidity and mild tannin structure with hints of tobacco and vanilla spice on the finish.