Pieroth & Echeverria

This May, we have partnered up with our Chilean wine makers from Echeverria, to bring to you a fun Chilean themed selection.

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As wine merchants, we’re always on the hunt to source and import premium quality and hand-picked wines only from the best wine growing regions of the world. Pieroth Australia and New Zealand have exclusivity when it comes to the wine we have to offer and we choose producers who pride themselves on quality and sustainability rather than quantity.  We are most proud that we have such a fantastic relationship with the wine makers at Vina Echeverria.

Chile is rapidly becoming the wine of choice for those in the know. This is proven by the Pieroth Club member’s faithfulness stock up every year since 2007, for the newest vintage of our all time favourite Chilean red, the Casa Nueva Late Reserva, as well as many others in this fantastic range. Top Chilean wines offer all the quality, power and sophistication of a top Grand Cru from Bordeaux or Great White Burgundy from Italy – but at a fraction of the price!

The Echeverria family came to Chile in the 1750’s, from a little town in the Basque region of Spain. Some 200 years later in 1930, Roger Piffre de Vauban, a French Engineer from the Montpellier, and Roberto Echeverria’s maternal grandfather, planted engrafted vines from pre-phylloxera French origin on an expanse of land called La Estancia, in a little town called Molinam in the Curico Valley.

Inspired by the French heritage of the vines, Roberto’s signature style produces wines that blend New World innovation with Old World elegance. More European vinicultural techniques include timely harvesting to avoid over ripeness and therefore good balance and control of alcohol levels. Working with a model of micro viticulture, each plot, no more than half a hectare, is identified according to its terroir and micro-climate, and planted accordingly. Grapes are subject to specific pruning, irrigation, canopy management and harvesting, which result in grapes of optimum quality  and flavour. During the harvest, grapes are cut exclusively by hand and carried promptly to the Echeverria winery in small, stack-able cases, protecting them from any external damage. This precision viticulture is highly labor-intensive and nature-conscious to produce grapes which are organically grown.

The Emergence Of Vina Echeverria

Top 10 things you didn’t know about Chile!

  • Chile is the word for snow in the Inca language
  • Has the biggest swimming pool in the world
  • You Can Find the Driest Place on Earth, The Atacama Desert
  • Easter Island is part of Chile! (Annexed in 1888)
  • Chile’s Andes Mountains Has Some of the World’s Largest and Still Active Volcanoes
  • Has one of the Longest Coastlines in the World
  • Oldest Mummy in the World
  • Home to Five UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  • Largest deep space telescope in the world
  • Chile has a unique grape varietal called Pais